Stories from students – just in

by lynnromeo

After reading other students’ stories about how yoga works, two more people have been inspired to write:

‘I recently turned 72. Apart from a medically caused balance problem, I think I’m fitter than many of my contemporaries, and older than many others who are as active as I am. Perhaps this relative fitness is the result of genetics, but I don’t think so. I think that it’s more likely to be due to the yoga I’ve been doing for several years. I don’t doubt that my flexibility is a result of the yoga, as I stiffen up if I don’t do the stretches for a few weeks. And Lynn’s classes are just what I need. They include stretches, postures and relaxation; they’re not so threatening that I think “I’m afraid to go in case I fall over”; and I can modify the postures to take into account the medical advice I’ve been given. (This reminds me of the time I went to a balance specialist. His advice was “Keep doing yoga”. He believes it’s a good exercise for improving balance – particularly important for older people).’

‘After 2 and a half years of regular yoga with Lynn I’m happy to say that my body is hooked. There’s no going back to a life without yoga. Prior to classes with Lynn, yoga for me was a haphazard, random pursuit. But the gentle, repetitive and rhythmical nature of Lynn’s class is perfectly attuned to the needs of my physical, emotional and spiritual being. This has enabled me to refine and consolidate my basic understanding of yoga and allowed my body to develop a strong memory of postures that I am able to build upon and extend over time. Although gentle, it makes me stronger, and the rhythmical nature of it provides comfort, solace and an intuitive space of reflection. Thank you so much Lynn, for being a guide to help me enter into the flow.’