Upcoming workshop

by lynnromeo



THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF YOGA – supporting the release and healing of trauma. Workshop for Northern Tasmanian human service workers and yoga teachers.
Sat Feb 21st, 10-4pm, Burnie

The impacts of trauma (large and small) can be held, felt or hidden anywhere in our bodies, thought processes or emotional make-up. The practices of yoga have, for thousands of years, helped release people physically, mentally and emotionally onto their path towards wholeness.
This workshop offers a nurturing journey using metaphor, distilled wisdom, gentle yoga techniques & research to glimpse the blockages that trauma creates. As teachers, counsellors, health & support workers, we can feel affirmed in what we are already doing that makes a difference & inspired by emerging research that shows how yoga releases the effects of trauma. With renewed focus on mindfulness & trauma in many fields of human service, more professions are turning to yoga’s ancient practices. We can all be a part of this positive paradigm shift & the practical partnerships & solutions it holds for us & the people we serve.

REGISTER NOW – limited places.
• $90, includes light lunch and refreshments (discounts for workplaces sending 2 or more)
• Secure your place with a $30 deposit and completed registration form, attached
• No prior experience or flexibility needed, this yoga can even be done in a chair

Venue: Burnie Child & Family Centre, 36 Thorne St, Acton, Burnie. Ph: 64304222

Come prepared for a relaxing time, wear comfortable clothing, be prepared to leave your shoes at the door, bring a favourite blanket and, if you have one handy, a clipboard.

Lynn Romeo (www.lynnromeoyoga.com.au) straddles mainstream, alternative, professional and creative realms. She worked for many years with people with disabilities and families, as a social worker and teacher of residential/support workers. Lynn then found the balance that yoga brings so inspiring, she could not help but become a Yoga teacher. She has taught in the Gita Yoga tradition for 23 years, writes from the furnace of family life and, in recent years, has been liberated by the renewed focus, world-wide, on the healing of trauma through yoga. In these workshops, Lynn draws on the support of yoga teaching and ‘trauma-informed’ colleagues and her recent studies in Trauma Sensitive Yoga with the Trauma Centre in Boston, directed by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk (Prof of Psychiatry, Boston University, pioneer in the field of trauma since the 1970s).

Assisted by Jenny Hyland, (Ph 6437 0960) Gita teacher living in Penguin for 12 years. After graduating in 1995, Jenny has taught in many settings including drug and alcohol rehab, Vietnam vets and in groups dealing with depression, alcohol and pain management at North West Private Hospital. She continues to do post- graduate courses with Gita in Melbourne and with local teachers in Tassie. As well as teaching yoga in Penguin, Jen works at Coroneagh Aged Care Facility in roles including Extended Care & Diversional Therapy. With her supportive partner Neil, she feels blessed to have been accepted and supported in a great community. Jenny gives thanks to yoga which she believes is the greatest tool that anyone can have.

Email Lynn to register or enquire – romeolynn@yahoo.com.au, Ph. 0421 327 237