Solstice reflections – appreciation of the light

by lynnromeo

At the time of the solstices Gita teachers and students take the opportunity to pause and give thanks for the light – the light radiating from the sun and elsewhere in the universe and the consciousness, enlightenment and understanding we each create as, together, we strive for physical, emotional and mental balance.
If you are a Gita yoga teacher, student or friend may you feel the gratitude expressed in the following words – gratitude for your contribution to all that is light in humanity.  If you come from a different tradition of yoga, perhaps you can replace the word Gita with Yoga or the name of your tradition and may you also feel the gratitude for your light.

Around Dec 21, Gita teachers in places like Melbourne, Penguin and Hobart, created Solstice ceremonies to celebrate the light that prevails alongside and in spite of the darknesses that are increasingly being revealed in these apocalyptic times (apocalypse – the ‘hidden being revealed’).
  • We are deeply grateful to Gita as an enduring, steady centre and pillar of light.


  • We know this light as it shines within us, illuminating and transforming our dark corners through the unique patterns of hatha yoga you have brought us to.


  • We find ourselves facing the light of truths in ourselves, in our institutions, and our world which challenge us to our very core.  Yet in these moments of challenge we find that we have all the resources we need within us – our yoga brings us the seeds of transformation, resolution, upliftment, inspiration, the will to good and to universal love.


  • We live in the work-a-day world in this light as we put into practice the Gita ethos of ‘Living with understanding and teaching by example’.


  • We expand and radiate the light as we take our own place on our own paths, under our own steam, thanks to Gita’s inherent and unwavering focus on creating only the conditions in which our souls grow.


  • There is inherent harmlessness in our growth and work together as we tap into our own power and find that, spontaneously, in this light, we cannot help but use it for the good of humanity and universal evolution.