Yoga seed – You have all the resources you need, within you

Welcome to this precious moment.

Allow yourself to become your own independent observer.

Simply notice where your body is in space and

Make any adjustments you need in order to be comfortable.

Observe the length in your spine as you tuck your tail under and

Lift through the crown of your head.

If you can drop your shoulders back and down,

Your breath will be able to flow more freely.

Watch as your breath flows … in … and … out … and … in … and … out …

Then notice where your mind is.

As soon as you become aware of your thoughts you have the power to

Choose to bring them here and now.

Can you follow the rhythm of your breath?

And allow it to take you deep within.

Every moment you look within like this,

Even if it is only a fleeting moment.

You come a little closer to the point within you

Where you have all the resources you need –

All the wisdom and strength, all the beauty, love and serenity you need

Are right here within you …

Waiting for you to bring yourself to stillness

So that you can tap into your inner resources.