YOGA SEED – loving acceptance

Just for a moment, can you let go of any external demands?
Can you release yourself from internal judgements?
No matter what intentions or resolutions
You had for yourself this year or
How the year has treated you thus far,
In this moment there are no ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’,
No ‘good’ or ‘bad’, just simply ‘what is’.
Notice your feet, resting flat.
Accept your feet as they are right now,
Allow yourself to acknowledge all they do for you.
As you tuck your tail under a little and lift through your crown,
Focus on your spine, sensing the space,
Soft and cushioning, between each vertebrae.
Your spine, with all its flexibility, with its restrictions and any stiffness,
Is as it needs to be, in this moment.
If your shoulders are dropped back and down and
Your sternum lifted, then your chest will be open.
Energy can flow through your shoulders, chest, heart and lungs –
With all of their wonders and quirks,
They are as they need to be, in this moment.
With all of your beautiful qualities and your imperfections,
YOU are as you need to be, in this moment.
Your fellow human beings, with all of their delightful and their challenging traits,
Are as they need to be, in this moment.
From this point of acceptance there can be
Growth, expansion and peaceful evolution.