Yoga seed – Peace in the turbulence

It is possible to create peace amidst turbulence,
If we can find our own point of balance and
If we remember 2 essential wisdoms:
  • what we focus on grows
  • energy follows thought
Take control of this moment by bringing your mind here and now.
Stretch your arms and legs a little and then
Let them sit comfortably, evenly.
Lengthen your spine by tucking your tail under and
Lifting through your crown, chin a little towards your chest. 
A moment of physical balance.
Now observe the flow of your breath,
Without trying to change it,
Watch the breath flow in through your nostrils … and out …
In … and … out … and … in … and … out …
As you focus on the rhythmic flow,
That’s what spreads through your being –
Ripples of peace settling your inner space and
Then flowing, from you, out into the world around you
As you think of peace in this moment that is what is expanding.
These peaceful ripples will inevitably meet turbulence,
Yet your focus and balance will ensure the peaceful flow endures.
There are greater forces for peace and balance in the world
Than we may ever know, certainly far more than will ever be televised.
As your breath continues to flow,
You might like to chose a person, people or place
To send your peaceful energy to.
On your next breath in
Hold the breath a moment, at your heart and
Colour the breath with your love, your peaceful energies. 
Then as the breath flows out,
See it as light, beaming forth.
Light that is carrying peaceful energy.
See, or imagine you can see, it encircling your chosen people or place.
Your clear thought-form will make a very real contribution to world peace,
 … what we focus on grows … and  … energy follows thought