Timetables and fees


Term 3, 2018: July 24-Sept 26 (10 weeks) – Lynn will be away on long-service leave for the whole of term 3 and is leaving these classes in the very caring and competent hands of her Gita colleague, Julie Gribble (Tuesday classes) and the very experienced, nurturing Kathy Rudolf (Wed classes).

Bookings – (before July 25) Lynn – 6227 9302, 0421 327237 or romeolynn@yahoo.com.au

(after July 25) Julie Gribble, bookings manager – Ph 0423 184279, Julie.gribble66@gmail.com. Julie also offers very nurturing Gita yoga classes at the Breathing Space, Tuesday 6pm and Thursday 9.15am.

Resources and more information at http://www.lynnromeoyoga.com.au

CLASS TIMETABLE:  (Go to Regular classes for details about different classes and to Practical Details for information about venues, parking, what to bring, enrolling etc).

NB. We only take in new students in the first two weeks of term.

Tuesdays:  Hobart Breathing Space (13b Goulburn St, Hobart)

9 – 10.15am,  Progressing² – $140/term for continuing term-payers (waiting list)

10.30 – 11.45am,  General/beginners – $150/term or $140 for continuing term-payers (waiting list)


Wednesdays:  Taroona Community Hall (Bachelor Way, Taroona)
1.30 – 2.45pm Gentle Yoga, small group – $100/term or $90 for continuing term-payers (waiting list)

5 – 6.05pm General/beginners – $100/term or $90 for continuing term-payers (waiting list)

6.20 – 7.25pm General/begs – $100/term or $90 for continuing term-payers (waiting list)

7.45 – 9pm Progressing² (arrive at 7.30 for extra quiet time) -$100/10 week term or $90 for continuing term-payers

  • With Kathy Rudolf (Ph. 0400 993024, email kathyrudolf@gmail.com – for questions about the Taroona classes, if you are enrolled)  Kathy has extensive experience and a wise and caring approach.

Note 1 – Only 1 or 2 casual places available in each class, for continuing students only.

Note 2 – Progressing classes for continuing Gita yoga students only

Note 3 – DISCOUNTS (for classes)

–  Continuing term-payers – $10 off term fees

–  Students/pensioners – $10 off term fees or $3 reduction in casual fee

– Student with parent – $20 off term fees

– Second/subsequent family members – $10 off term fee

– 2 classes/week/term – cheapest class half price.




  • Workplace Gentle yoga/relaxation course, Tuesdays 4.10-5.10pm, July 24- Sept 26



  • Mid-term workshop for current students – TBA
  • Transformative Power of Yoga workshops – TBA
  • Men’s Introductory workshop – TBA



  • TBA

ITEMS FOR SALE (in classes)


Yoga For You’ $25

‘Wings of Power’ $25

‘I am a Yogi’ $60

‘Changing Habits, Changing Lives’ $28

‘The Body Keeps Score’, by Bessel van der Kolk $38 (All sold)

DVDs & CDs

Gita yoga DVD $25

Relaxation CD (Various) $25

Licorice Pellets $12