Timetables and fees

TERM TIMETABLE:  (Go to Regular classes for details about different classes and to Practical Details for information about venues, parking, what to bring, enrolling etc).

NB. We only take in new students in the first two weeks of term.

Term 4, 2020 (Oct ?14 – Dec ?16)

– A proposed 7 week term for Taroona Community Hall Wed 2.30pm, 6pm and 7.30pm classes.

I am very pleased to be able to offer a term of yoga again, at least for 3 Wednesday groups.

It is impossible to avoid uncertainty at the moment. We have family responsibilities in Melbourne. I keep looking for opportunities to go to Melbourne without jeopardising my teaching commitments. At the moment it looks like I may need to visit before the Tasmanian border opens, which means I may miss 2-3 weeks of classes (allowing for 2 weeks in quarantine).

I have, therefore, decided it is best to offer a 7 week term even though the term is officially 10 weeks long.  At this stage, I can’t be sure when I will take the 2-3 week break (& thus when there will be a pause in classes because it isn’t feasible to engage locums in current circumstances).

The fees for the 7 week term (term payments are far more cost efficient for all of us) are:

·         $126, or $112, if paid by Oct 2

·         Additional $10 Concessions for pensioners, second family member, students

·         $154 for new or returning students, or $140 if paid by Oct 2nd

·         NB – if you have lost your source of income due to COVID restrictions, further concessions are available and I will do what I can to help everyone keep up their yoga (including those who are still needing or preferring to hibernate).

Thank you for your understanding and your commitment to bringing more balance to the world through Yoga.

New students/enquiries at any time to romeolynn@yahoo.com.au

My Gita Yoga teaching colleague, Julie Gribble, is offering  nurturing Gita yoga classes at the Hobart Breathing Space, Goulburn St -Tuesdays 9am, 10.30 am and 6pm and Thursday 9.15am.

Phone or text Julie – 0423  184279 or email – julie.gribble66@gmail.com. You can learn more about Julie and her inspiring commitment to yoga at http://www.hobartbreathingspace.com.au/practitioners.

May you draw on all the resources you have within you, to keep striving for balance and quiet, inward focus.  May this help you foster your own immunity to contagion – of virus and of fear and of control. Much love, light, courage, and wholeness to you.


  • Standard 10 week term fee – $200,
  • Continuing term-payers – 10 week term – $180,
  • Continuing term-payers paid by end of previous term – extra discount
  • Discount for pensioners, students, second family member – $10 off above fees
  • Casual classes # (only for continuing students, max of two places/class) – $25
  • (Occasional availability ) 45 min 1:1 session – $75 (significant discounts for ongoing students)

Note * – Progressing classes for continuing Gita yoga students only.

Note # Only 1 or 2 casual places available in each class, for continuing students only.




  • TBA


  • Mid-term workshop for current students – TBA
  • Transformative Power of Yoga workshops – TBA
  • Men’s Introductory workshop – TBA


ITEMS FOR SALE (in classes)


Yoga For You’ $25

‘Wings of Power’ $25

‘I am a Yogi’ $60

‘Changing Habits, Changing Lives’ $28  (All sold)

‘The Body Keeps Score’, by Bessel van der Kolk $38 (All sold)

DVDs & CDs

Gita yoga DVD $25

Relaxation CD (Various) $25

Licorice Pellets $12