YOGA SEED – Can you make peace with yourself?

by lynnromeo

Give yourself a mental pat on the back
For making the most of this moment.
As you keep bringing your mind here and now
Be gentle with yourself,
Can you embrace yourself with acceptance?
Whatever you notice, whether it be a positive quality
A challenge or a tension in your self
Can you approach your self with compassion and kindness?
Can you make peace with your wonderful aspects as well as your quirks?
Let’s start with the physical
Notice your toes as you wriggle them, stretch them,
Now let them rest, make peace with your toes.
Bring your mind into your fingers, let them wriggle, stretch and then release,
Feel peaceful energy flow through your fingers and hands.
Be present, now, in your back.
Can you lengthen your spine by tucking the tail under,  lifting through your crown?
Be at peace with the areas of discomfort as well as the areas that flow freely.
Now can you make peace with your mind?
As you bring your mind here and now,
Acknowledge all the wonderful thoughts you have,
Your mind’s ability to stretch to the edges of the universe and
Accept any tendencies it has to wander, flit or be clouded and heavy.
Be at peace with the power and challenges your mind brings you.
Finally can you make peace with your emotions?
Start by watching your breath flow.
The simple rhythm of breath in, followed by breath out …
Allowing you to pause and contemplate your emotional state.
There’s not right or wrong,
Your emotions are there to motivate you, to give you drive and passion.
Make peace with the very human roller-coaster
Your emotions sometimes take you on.
As you let your breath flow, pause …
Pause in a moment of physical, mental and emotional peace.