About Lynn

I am a yoga teacher in the Gita tradition and teach regular classes, short courses and workshops in Hobart and beyond.  As a social worker, mature-age mother and writer I have come through the furnace of family life, buoyed by my daily yoga as I straddle mainstream and alternative, professional, personal and creative realms.

In 1991 I completed the comprehensive Gita yoga teacher training course and have continued to learn through constant teaching, numerous post-graduate courses and purposeful involvement in the Gita Guild of teachers and an enriching network of Hobart yoga teachers.  I am a registered senior teacher with the overarching professional body, Yoga Australia, which brings together teachers from all traditions and states to uphold world-class teaching standards.

In recent years I have been inspired by the renewed focus, world-wide, on the healing of trauma through yoga and now run related workshops for yoga teachers and human service workers. These workshops draw on the research and wisdom of yoga teaching and ‘trauma-informed’ colleagues, including my recent studies in Trauma Sensitive Yoga with the Trauma Center in Boston.

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